For Oral Consumption

FOR ORAL CONSUMPTION is an extensive publication with all results, conclusions and reflections on the research into the art of health by the BETTER Consortium, an initiative of Circus Engelbregt in collaboration with TAAK and Medisch Centrum Haaglanden.

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ISBN: 9 789081 601726
176 pages

Book design: Circus Engelbregt;
Jeroen Giessenburg en Martijn Engelbregt


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FOR ORAL CONSUMPTION was published by Circus Engelbregt, Martijn Engelbregt, with the cooperation of Pavèl van Houten, Cretien van Kampen, Gijs Frieling, Gabriël Lester, Melanie Bonajo, Eelco Brand, Studio Claudy Jongstra, Fransje Killaars, Job Koelewijn, Frank Koolen, Philip Lüschen, Sachi Miyachi, Marc Mulders, Marjolijn Zwakman, Robert Zwijnenberg, Theo Tegelaers and many more!